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Case Studies

Case Study #1:

Case Study 1

Replacing a Traditional Mortgage with a Reverse Mortgage

The Challenge

After dedicating 30 years to her company, Shelly decided to retire at the age of 65. However, only two years into retirement, she began to experience health issues that strained her monthly budget. A Monte Carlo analysis revealed that increasing the number of annual withdrawals from her portfolio dropped her chance of sustaining a 30-year retirement to less than 50%.

The Solution

Shelly's advisor determined the solution with the highest probability of retirement success was to pay off her traditional mortgage with a Reverse Mortgage. This helped her achieve:

  • $1,700 additional monthly cash flow

  • $1 million in additional assets by the end of retirement

  • 100% chance of portfolio success 

The Results


  • Her greatest concern of running out of money during retirement was handled

  • Shelly has promised her Financial Advisor future generations of business 

  • An additional source of emergency funds was established for retirement 

Case Study #2:

Case Study 2

Funding the Gap with a Reverse Mortgage

The Challenge

Two years after Mary’s husband passed away, she noticed a disturbing trend. At 62 years of age and newly retired, she found herself taking money out of savings every month to pay the bills. Unhappy with her cash situation, Mary approached her Financial Advisor, Steve, to discuss collecting Social Security earlier than planned.

The Solution

Mary owned a $600,000 home with an outstanding HELOC of $49,000. Steve structured a plan for Mary to initiate a Reverse Mortgage with a monthly disbursement of $1,500 and an emergency line of credit of $50,000. The Reverse Mortgage paid off the HELOC, eliminating her growing monthly payment. Also, the income enabled her to fund the gap without beginning portfolio withdrawals until after age 70.

The Results


  • Mary was able to delay collecting Social Security until age 70

  • An additional source of emergency funds was established for retirement 

  • Steve's approach mitigated sequence of returns risk and increased chance of portfolio success over a 30 year period 

Case Study #3:

Case Study 3

Converting Home Equity into an Investable Asset

The Challenge

After dedicating 30 years of his life in sales for a manufacturing company, John was left unemployed with only $80,000 in his retirement account. At 68 years of age and hoping to prepare for retirement, John contacted a CFP named Kaleb. Since John had few significant investable assets, Kaleb questioned whether he had enough income or retirement savings to make the business relationship viable. 

The Solution

John owned his $450,000 home free and clear. Kaleb structured a plan for a John to initiate a Reverse Mortgage with an upfront advance of $100,000 and leftover a line of credit. The advance funds were used to purchase an annuity that generated additional monthly income. The overall results: 

  • The annuity purchase and portfolio amount justified Kaleb’s time invested

  • John was able to retire comfortably with a line of credit for emergencies

By delivering outstanding value, Kaleb gained a new client 

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