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Helping Your Clients Achieve Financial Growth and Freedom

Through Reverse Mortgages


By traveling across the country and meeting with the nation’s top real estate and financial advisors, we’ve observed a number of trends facing the industry that can affect your client’s Reverse Mortgage decision.


After our meetings with top financial advisors, CPAs, trust attorneys, and market specialists, we’ve created three real-life case studies that help you communicate the benefits of replacing a Traditional Mortgage with a Reverse Mortgage.


At EAG, we only provide Government Insured Reverse Mortgages that meet FHA requirements and match the needs of your homeowner clients while working with the nation’s leading and most trusted financial institutions.


To live is to learn and grow.  As retirement planning continues to grow as a distinct and necessary financial service, so does the opportunity for a proactive Financial Advisor to deliver value above and beyond.

Our goal at Equity Access Group is to share with you the proven tools and resources that  are easily actionable but provide outstanding value to your clients and business goals including: higher retention, clients who focus on what they can control, and a rapidly growing list of happy clients.


Tel: 888-391-4324

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